What Happens

April 17, 2007

I am now emerging, seemingly and hopefully, from an ever-dreaded “blogging slump” that caused me some degree of consternation. As I peek my head out and look around, I see that:

  • I do not have a good excuse for why I have not posted in three weeks: I was not in the hospital (although I was sick for a few days); I was not traveling (although I did just move into a new apartment which has been occupying much of my time); I was not without internet access (although getting Verizon to install DSL at my new abode has proved to be even more exasperating than I feared it would be); I was not up to something productive and enriching (although I have been slammed at work recently). In short, I was busy — but then again, aren’t we all?
  • I have been obsessively occupied with the brand-new baseball season: reading everything the folks at Baseball Prospectus can cough up, over-tinkering with my fantasy team — even reading every Q & A session on Curt Shilling’s fascinating blog.
  • I have not been spending much time reading and playing in the corner of the blogosphere I have set myself in — partially because I realized that I was stretching it into a large room without realizing it.
  • I have not been reading The Recognitions with any sort of regularity or speed. It’s certainly not surprising that I am having trouble with this 940-page Joycean baggy monster, but I was doing so well for so long that my hopes were jacked up beyond capacity. As a result, my Chunkster Challenge list now looks like the piece of beginner’s bravado that it probably always was. I think it may be time to throw in the towel: If I can’t finish the whole list, it’s not worth much to me.

I did read Slaughterhouse-Five in honor of Vonnegut’s unfortunate passing, and I did read a mighty fine short story (“The Black Monk”) by Chekhov. I’ve been making some headway into the new VQR, and finished reading and being disappointed by Issue 5 of n+1 (my first). More on these to follow.

Now that I’ve broken my silence, expect to see a response to Slaughterhouse-Five soon, as well as — hopefully fingers-crossed — some words on n+1.



  1. Welcome back. and go Detroit Tigers 🙂

  2. I’m looking forward to what you have to say about the Vonnegut. I admit that I borrowed it from the library, tried to read a page or two and then returned it. I intend to try again, especially since he has affected so many people so deeply!

  3. I read Slaughterhouse Five a couple years ago and really liked it. Looking forward to your thoughts!

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