February 20, 2007

I know it’s bad form to go changing your blog theme and design in the middle of everything, but I’ve been realizing that there were two major shortcomings to my old style, and I’m hoping this new one works better for me.

It also features a customizable color design, so I’m probably going to be playing with that in the upcoming days.

Sorry about the housekeeping — it needs to be done sometimes…



  1. I’m tempted by this theme — I don’t want to change, but I like this one, except the font is a bit small. But I like the three columns and the ability to customize colors. How is the Boswell going?

  2. I like how this theme highlights the content right away. Especially useful when you have good content!

  3. Glad it’s going over well so far. The three columns was the main reason I needed to switch. That and my old theme didn’t display the columns at all on individual posts, only on the main page. Since so many people read via feeds (I know it’s the only way I read blogs) this was an unacceptable situation.

    The small font is livable, since it’s easy to change this on the reader’s end, especially if you’re using Firefox — which I hope you all are 🙂

  4. I’m curious about how difficult the change was. I chose my theme since it was simple and I don’t have much interest in learning CSS or more than the minimum html. Now that I have been using it for a while, I really dislike the font, and it would be nice to have the three columns. Did everything that you had before just convert?
    Your site looks great.

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